The two employees of the Victim/Witness Services Division of the Wood County Prosecutor’s Office act as a support, information, and assistance provision system for those affected by crime. Because of court, trial and other related commitments, being able to promptly respond to questions or concerns of the public can be a difficult task for prosecutors. The employees of this division can act as liaisons between a crime victim and the attorney assigned to the case. Additionally, this division sends out regular notices to victims regarding the status of their pending cases. Prompt response to any information requested in these notices can assist in the likelihood of a favorable and efficient result.

The employees of the Victim/Witness Services Division can provide information and guidance regarding programs for crime victims, such as the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Fund and the V.I.N.E. System. These programs and others like them are designed to assist victims recover from the trauma of crime. Further, this division works with victim advocates from other agencies to ensure that those affected by crime are aware of their rights as crime victims and the programs and services available to them.

Victim of Crime Bill of Rights- Ohio Attorney General

Victim of Crime Compensation Fund Application and Guidelines